Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management: Volume 15 Issue 3


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Responding to the COVID-19 crisis: the rapid turn toward digital business models

Charlotta Kronblad, Johanna Envall Pregmark

The effects of the spread of COVID-19 across the world are devastating, both from a health and an economic perspective. However, we also see encouraging examples of collaborative…


Innovation in pandemics: a netnographic approach to the sharing economy contributions

Fernando Belezas, Ana Daniel

Pandemics are a serious challenge for humanity, as their social and economic impacts can be tremendous. This study aims to understand how innovation based in the sharing economy…

ICT-enabled organisational flexibility to support sustainable growth in Europe amidst a pandemic

Renata Slabe-Erker, Kaja Primc

Information and communications technology (ICT) is helping to create a sustainable information society and foster development. This study aims to investigate the interdependencies…


Artificial Intelligence Adoption in the Post COVID-19 New-Normal and Role of Smart Technologies in Transforming Business: a Review

Pragati Agarwal, Sanjeev Swami, Sunita Kumari Malhotra

The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of artificial intelligence (AI) and other AI-enabled technologies and to describe how COVID-19 affects various industries such as…


Hotel room access control: an NFC approach ecotourism framework

P.S. JosephNg

This study aims to highlight that security and flexibilities remain the main points of contention in the cordiality business. This research points to planning a framework that…


Assessment of awareness on IPR activities among Indian academics – a cross-sectional study

Ramya Ravi, Manthan D. Janodia

Protection of intellectual property (IP) is important to leverage its commercial potential. This study aims to examine and comprehend the level of understanding of intellectual…

Entrepreneurship barriers faced by Pakistani female students in relation to their entrepreneurial inclinations and entrepreneurial success

Bahadur Ali Soomro, Nadia A. Abdelmegeed Abdelwahed, Naimatullah Shah

The current environment is unhelpful to female entrepreneurs, and they need to overcome numerous barriers when starting their own businesses. In this study, the researchers…

Impetuses and constraints in the policy formation process of the International Science and Business Belt in Korea

Seunghyun Lee

Korea’s Institute for Basic Science (IBS), the first research institute dedicated to basic science in Korea, started ten years ago as part of a science policy called the Science…


A systematic review of telemedicine systems use barriers: primary health care providers' perspective

Reihaneh Alsadat Tabaeeian, Behzad Hajrahimi, Atefeh Khoshfetrat

The purpose of this review paper was identifying barriers to the use of telemedicine systems in primary health-care individual level among professionals.

Impact of R&D expenditure on economic growth: evidence from emerging economies

Le Thanh Tung, Le Nguyen Hoang

Emerging economies have been highlighted as an important growth source of the global economy. However, this group of countries has not received enough academic attention yet…

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