Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education: Volume 6 Issue 1


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Effectiveness of graduate programs in administrative and instructional leadership

Barbara Cozza, Patrick Blessinger, Marcella Mandracchia

The purpose of this paper is twofold: to assess the effectiveness of the school building and school district leadership programs within the School of Education at a large…

Being “in” assessment: the ontological layer(ing) of assessment practice

David Giles, Kerry Earl

Current discourses on educational assessment focus on the priority of learning. While this intent is invariably played out in classroom practice, a consideration of the…


A study of wellness and academic leadership

Gregory F. Lorenz

The leadership lifestyle lived by academic leaders is characterized by fast pace, high responsibility, and little personal time. This lifestyle may be unattractive for…

Turning the Titanic: inertia and the drivers of climate change education

Shireen J. Fahey, John R. Labadie, Noel Meyers

The aim of this paper is to present the challenges external drivers and internal inertia faced by curriculum designers and implementers at institutions of higher…

The study of affecting factors on faculty members’ psychological empowerment: An investigation in the Iran's agricultural colleges

Ehsan Gholifar, Hesamedin Gholami

– The purpose of this paper is to investigate the affecting factors on faculty members’ psychological empowerment of agricultural colleges in Iran.

Facilitating embodied learning in business ethics education: the use of relational sculpting

Sheldene Simola

The purpose of this paper is to first, provide an interdisciplinary overview of the pedagogical perspective known as “embodied learning”; second, describe the particular…

Making the point? The audiovisual/digital media dissertation

Coral Houtman, Maureen Thomas, Jennifer Barrett

The purpose of this paper is to address the advantages of education and training in creating the “Audiovisual/Digital Media Essay” (AV/DME), starting from visual and…


Strategies to teach oral English in seminars on current American issues for undergraduates in China

Shuge Tian

The purpose of this paper is to focus on details of strategies in classroom to inspire Chinese undergraduates to feel free in speaking English fluently and accurately…


Correlates of academic misconduct and CSR proclivity of students

Stephen K. Nkundabanyanga, Charles Omagor, Irene Nalukenge

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of the fraud triangle, Machiavellianism, academic misconduct and corporate social responsibility (CSR) proclivity of…

The impact of university students’ commitment on in- and extra-role performance

Jörg Felfe, Birgit Schyns, Alex Tymon

Research has shown that employee commitment is an important factor in performance. Research into student commitment in the university context is less common and only few…


The effect of peer tutoring on academic achievement

Paul Comfort, John James McMahon

– The purpose of this paper is to determine the effects of peer tutoring on the academic achievement, during practical assessments, of the tutors and tutees.


The impact of multiple textbook format availability in business education

Dmitriy Chulkov, Jason VanAlstine

Technology is changing the use of textbooks in higher education. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of offering multiple textbook formats in the same…

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