Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education



Table Of Contents: Volume 4 Issue 1

The rise of contingent faculty: its impact on the professoriate and higher education

Randall Bowden, Lynn P. Gonzalez

The faculty, as higher education's most valuable asset, is being dramatically altered. Changes in appointment status drive this alteration, resulting in the essential work…

The effects of reform on the performance of higher education institutions

Irina Abankina, Tatiana Abankina, Liudmila Filatova, Elena Nikolayenko, Eduard Seroshtan

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the outcomes of the financial optimization process launched by the recent reforms in the Russian higher education sector and its…

The breadth and depth of foundation courses in Qatar's only public institution of higher education

Ramzi Nasser

The purpose of this paper is to determine the levels of foundation‐year courses at the only public, four‐year institution of higher education in Qatar.

A comparison of a multimedia Wiki‐based class text and a traditional textbook

Amanda J. Rockinson‐Szapkiw

The purpose of this paper is to provide an improved understanding of how a wiki text compares to the use of a traditional text, and to provide an improved understanding of…

Collaborative production of pedagogical knowledge: enhancing students’ learning

Airi Rovio‐Johansson, Marie Lumsden

The purpose of this paper is to investigate students’ qualitatively different ways of understanding basic economic relationships in three undergraduate courses in the…



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