Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education: Volume 12 Issue 3


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An evaluation of the introduction of games-based construction learning in upper primary education using a developed game codification scheme for scratch

Thomas Hainey, Gavin Baxter, Amanda Ford

Rudimentary programming is an essential, transferrable, problem solving skill in many higher education (HE) programmes in academic institutions including Software…

Interaction Facilitation and Task Facilitation need optimization in higher education institutions

Edward Daly, Denelle Mohammed, Cheryl Boglarsky, Patrick Blessinger, Rana Zeine

Facilitation and Task Facilitation are important components of healthy supervisory/managerial relationships among higher education professionals. Juniors are guided by…

Student perceptions of virtual reality use in higher education

Gavin Baxter, Thomas Hainey

This paper provides an analysis and insight into undergraduate student views concerning the use of virtual reality technology towards whether it has the potential to…


Measuring the performance of private higher education institutions in Malaysia

Muhammad Hafiz Yaakub, Zainal Abidin Mohamed

The purpose of this paper is to propose a comprehensive model using balanced scorecard (BSC) approach instead of the current ranking system to measure the performance of…

The role of executive functions in academic performance and behaviour of university students

Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Pamela Acosta-Rodas, Mónica Bolaños-Pasquel, Nancy Lepe-Martínez

The purpose of this paper is fourfold: first, to analyse the relationship between executive functions and academic performance; second, to identify the level of prediction…

Mindfulness, mindful consumption, and life satisfaction: An experiment with higher education students

Sharad Gupta, Harsh V. Verma

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of mindfulness meditation sessions on students of higher education in terms of their mindfulness, mindful…

Measuring the degree of difficulty and translation competence: The two intertwining variables in modern translation multiple-choice items testing

Alireza Akbari

The purpose of this paper is to measure the degree of item difficulty in translation multiple-choice items in terms of 1-parameter logistic (1-PL) model of the item…

Encouraging student independence: Perspectives on scaffolding in higher education supervision

Maria Zackariasson

The purpose of this paper is to examine if and how supervisors’ use of two kinds of potential scaffolding means – asking questions and giving instructions – could…


The necessity of teaching Intercultural Communication in higher education

Bassmah B. AlTaher

The purpose of this paper is to analyze how Intercultural Communication is a necessary course for students to learn how to communicate in a healthy, tolerant and…

Examining the impact of case-based learning on student engagement, learning motivation and learning performance among university students

Syed Ali Raza, Wasim Qazi, Bushra Umer

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of case study-based learning on student’s engagement, learning motivation and learning performance among university…

Exploring process recording in behavioural ethics education

Sheldene Simola

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, illustrate and explore the use of process recording as a pedagogical tool in behavioural ethics education.

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