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Bridging polarised Twitter discussions: the interactions of the users in the middle

David Gunnarsson Lorentzen

The purpose of the paper is to analyse the interactions of bridging users in Twitter discussions about vaccination.

A socio-technological model of search information divide in US cities

Yong Jin Park

The purpose of the current study is to theorize and apply a socio-technological model – the powerful influence of social determinants in conditioning the effects of…

Gender differences in the Israeli academia: a bibliometric analysis of different disciplines

Tzipi Cooper, Noa Aharony, Judit Bar-Ilan

This study explores faculty members' outputs and citations by gender and academic rank in Israeli academia. The study focuses on the connection between research…

Data privacy-related behavior and concerns of activity tracking technology users from Germany and the USA

Aylin Ilhan, Kaja J. Fietkiewicz

This investigation aims to examine the differences and similarities between activity tracking technology users from two regions (the USA and Germany) in their intended…

Sense of coherence as influencing information sharing at the workplace

Jannica Heinström, Farhan Ahmad, Isto Huvila, Stefan Ek

This study introduces sense of coherence (SOC) as a factor in information sharing at the workplace.

Understanding verified users' posting behavior from the perspective of human dynamics: a case study of Sina micro-blog

Ming Yi, Yingying Lu, Weihua Deng, Lu Kun, Zhanhao Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to present a new human dynamics model to explain the process of verified users' (VUs) posting on Sina micro-blog.

Understanding the spread of prevention and cessation messages on social media for substance use in youth

Soumik Mandal, Chirag Shah, Stephanie Peña-Alves, Michael L. Hecht, Shannon D. Glenn, Anne E. Ray, Kathryn Greene

Engagement is a critical metric to the effectiveness of online health messages. This paper explores how people engage in youth-generated prevention messages in social media.

Examining the factors influencing user satisfaction and loyalty on paid knowledge platforms

Xiaopu Jin, Fang Xu

The purpose of this study is to draw on the updated information system success model, perceived value and new product novelty to identify the factors that may influence…

Motivations for music information seeking as serious leisure in a virtual community: exploring a Eurovision fan club

Jenny Bronstein, Danit Lidor

This study aims to examine the motivations of a group of music fans of the Eurovision Song Contest to seek information about the competition and to participate in a…

“This Will Blow Your Mind”: examining the urge to click clickbaits

Alton Y.K. Chua, Anjan Pal, Snehasish Banerjee

Integrating the uses and gratifications (U&G) theory, the notion of information richness and personal epistemology framework, the purpose of this research is to propose…

A cross-cultural analysis of the modes and effectiveness of collaborative production of knowledge on Quora

Yumeng Peng, Xiang Zhou

The purpose of the paper is to investigate how cross-cultural elements such as cultural difference and stereotype are integrated into collaborative modes and actions and…

Data literacy and management of research data – a prerequisite for the sharing of research data

Agusta Palsdottir

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the knowledge and attitude about research data management, the use of data management methods and the perceived need for…

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