Aslib Journal of Information Management: Volume 72 Issue 5


Library and Information Science

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Understanding extended information seeking: The perspectives of psychological empowerment and digital libraries attachment

Xianjin Zha, Chengsong Huang, Yalan Yan, Guanxiang Yan, Xue Wang, Kun Zhang

This study aims to explore the mechanisms of extended information seeking, which is the combination of extended information technologies (IT) use behavior and…

Enhancing classroom instruction with online news

Michael D. Ekstrand, Katherine Landau Wright, Maria Soledad Pera

This paper investigates how school teachers look for informational texts for their classrooms. Access to current, varied and authentic informational texts improves…

Enablers and barriers to knowledge management in universities: perspectives from South Africa and Mauritius

Poonam Veer Ramjeawon, Jennifer Rowley

Universities need to manage their knowledge assets, and, to work creatively to maximize the enablers and minimize the barriers associated with knowledge management…

Open data and its peers: understanding promising harbingers from Nordic Europe

Maxat Kassen

The peer-to-peer perspective on open data is an interesting topic to research, taking into account that data-driven innovations and related startups are often developed…

Readiness for information security of teachers as a function of their personality traits and their assessment of threats

Noa Aharony, Dan Bouhnik, Nurit Reich

This study examines the impact of personality traits on the degree of challenge experienced by individuals with respect to the threat on their information, the evaluation…

Subject structure of the research area on collaborative information behaviour

Remigiusz Sapa

The principal aim of the present study was to identify and model the subject structure of the research area on collaborative information behaviour (CIB).

How are research data governed at Japanese repositories? A knowledge commons perspective

Kai Nishikawa

The purpose of this paper is to survey how research data are governed at repositories in Japan by deductively establishing a governance typology based on the concept of…

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