Aslib Journal of Information Management: Volume 71 Issue 6


Library and Information Science

Table of contents - Special Issue: Innovative Methods in Health Information Behaviour Research

Guest Editors: Ina Fourie, Heidi Julien

Considering the local and the translocal: Reframing health information practice research using institutional ethnography

Nicole K. Dalmer

Institutional ethnography is a method of inquiry that brings attention to people’s everyday work while simultaneously highlighting broader sites of administration and…

The enhanced participant-driven photo elicitation method for everyday life health information behaviour research

Yuanyuan Feng

The purpose of this paper is to report the design and implementation of the enhanced participant-driven photo elicitation method in a qualitative interview study, to…

Using the eye-tracking method to study consumer online health information search behaviour

Jacek Gwizdka, Yan Zhang, Andrew Dillon

The purpose of this paper is to introduce eye tracking as a method for capturing direct and indirect measures of online human information search behaviour. The unique…

Evaluating physicians’ serendipitous knowledge discovery in online discovery systems: A new approach

Mark E. Hopkins, Oksana L. Zavalina

A new approach to investigate serendipitous knowledge discovery (SKD) of health information is developed and tested to evaluate the information flow-serendipitous…

Rhythmicity of health information behaviour: Utilizing the infodemiology approach to study temporal patterns and variations

Jonas Tana, Emil Eirola, Kristina Eriksson-Backa

This paper brings focus and attention to the aspect of time within health information behaviour. The purpose of this paper is to critically assess and present strengths…

Sense making in complex health situations: Virtual health communities as sources of information and emotional support

Sharon Naveh, Jenny Bronstein

Using a sense making approach, the purpose of this paper is to examine the role that virtual health communities play as a source of informational and social support for…

Promoting access to health information: A method to support older African Americans with diabetes

Charles R. Senteio

Describe the design of a health information and technology educational intervention that promotes health information sharing and technology use for older adult African…

Long story short: finding health advice with informative summaries on health social media

Yi-Hung Liu, Xiaolong Song, Sheng-Fong Chen

Whether automatically generated summaries of health social media can aid users in managing their diseases appropriately is an important question. The purpose of this paper…

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