Evidence-based HRM: Volume 7 Issue 1


A Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship

Table of contents - Special Issue: Demographic Challenges for Management

Guest Editors: Eleanna Galanaki, Emma Parry, Ilona Bučiūnienė, Leda Panayotopoulou

Attracting millennial talent: a signal theory perspective

Anishya Obhrai Madan, Srishti Madan

On the basis of an exploratory research, the purpose of this paper is to identify the criteria used by new entrants to the workforce (specifically premium millennial…

Changes in Chinese work values: A comparison between the one-child, social reform and cultural revolution generations

Sachiko Takeda, Marta Disegna, Yumei Yang

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the changes in Chinese workers’ values by comparing the work-related values of the One-Child Generation (OCG), the Social…

Post-migration labor market: prejudice and the role of host country education

Olga Stangej, Inga Minelgaite, Kari Kristinsson, Margret Sigrun Sigurdardottir

The purpose of this paper is to examine how prejudice in a post-migration labor market can be mitigated, specifically, whether education received in the host country can…

The moderating effects of status and trust on the performance of age-diverse work groups

Cara-Lynn Scheuer, Catherine Loughlin

The purpose of this paper is to help organizations capitalize on the potential advantages of age diversity by offering insight into two new moderators in the age…

Investigating the links between resilience, perceived HRM practices, and retirement intentions

Hanna Salminen, Mikaela von Bonsdorff, Monika von Bonsdorff

Human resource management (HRM) scholars’ interest in older employees’ resilience has only recently started to emerge. Little is known about how resilience and perceived…

Staffing practices and employee performance: the role of age

Nikolaos Pahos, Eleanna Galanaki

Staffing is a tool that employers use to decrease information asymmetry when hiring employees. However, how staffing effectiveness evolves according to employee…

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