International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies: Volume 6 Issue 1


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Editorial review: Lesson study as curriculum analysis (Kyouzai Kenkyuu) in action and the role of “the teacher as a researcher”

John Elliott

The purpose of this paper is to discern and discuss links and connections between the ideas and insights contained in the articles published in Issue 6.2, in a way which…

Raising the quality of teaching through Kyouzai Kenkyuu – the study of teaching materials

Mohammad Reza Sarkar Arani

This study attempts to provide cross-cultural learning by focusing on a very important aspect of research, the study of teaching materials, known as Kyouzai Kenkyuu in…

Developing problem-solving skills in mathematics: a lesson study

Zoe Bradshaw, Amanda Hazell

Problem solving is a skill in mathematics which although always relevant has heightened priority due to the changes in the new mathematics GCSE (Department for Education…

Experiences from the teacher-researcher’s perspective on learning study: Challenges and opportunities

Patrik Johansson, Anja Thorsten

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and discuss experiences, in terms of challenges and opportunities, of teacher-researchers who engage in research on the learning…

Distributive law as object of learning through direct and inverse tasks

Lucian Olteanu

The purpose of this paper is to report how the use of a direct and an inverse task gave students an opportunity to discern the structure of a distributive law that they…

Pedagogical potentialities of lesson study for the reconstruction of teachers’ dispositions

Noemi Peña Trapero, Ángel I. Pérez Gómez

The purpose of this paper is to show the relationship between lesson study (LS) and the reconstruction of teacher dispositions (practical knowledge).

Leading the introduction and development of lesson and learning study in an English Secondary Academy

Lucy Austin

At “The Academy” the author has undertaken five lesson study (LS) cycles to date and the outcomes of these are discussed with consideration to the local context, the…

The impact of a student’s study time journal as a lesson and learning study

Godson A. Tetteh

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between a student’s study time and the learning outcome from a perspective that will correspond to Bloom’s…

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