International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies: Volume 12 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Networking theories for understanding and guiding Lesson Study

Guest Editors: Rongjin Huang, João Pedro da Ponte, Stéphane Clivaz

Designing lesson study for individual and collective learning: networking theoretical perspectives

Geoffrey Wake

This article aims to explore, by drawing on, and coordinating and combining Cultural Historical Activity Theory and Community of Practice theoretical perspectives, what we might…

How do dialogic interactions contribute to the construction of teachers' mathematical problem-solving knowledge? Construction of a conceptual framework

Stéphane Clivaz, Audrey Daina, Valérie Batteau, Sara Presutti, Luc-Olivier Bünzli

The article presents the construction of a conceptual framework, which is rooted in mathematics education and in dialogic analysis. It aims to analyse how dialogic interactions…

From defining as assertion to defining as explaining meaning: teachers' learning through theory-informed lesson study

Jill Adler, Lisnet Mwadzaangati, Shikha Takker

The aim is the introduction of lesson study (LS) in geometry in Malawi secondary schools supported by a teaching framework that includes a focus on language responsive teaching.


Lesson study in mathematics with TDS and RME as theoretical support: two cases from the European TIME project

Britta Jessen, Rogier Bos, Michiel Doorman, Carl Winsløw

The authors investigate the use and potential of a theoretical combination of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) and the Theory of Didactic Situation (TDS) to support Lesson…

A networked understanding of new mathematics teachers' learning, when participating in a lesson-study induction programme

Charlotte Krog Skott

The purpose of the article is to identify, describe and explain what and how new mathematics teachers learn when participating in a lesson-study induction programme, by networking…

The development of teachers' knowledge in a lesson study

João Pedro Da Ponte, Marisa Quaresma, Joana Mata-Pereira

This paper seeks to understand how teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT) is developed during a lesson study regarded as a professional development process that…

Characterizing teachers' collective learning through lesson study as document development: a case study in China

Xingfeng Huang, Rongjin Huang

This study aimed to explore how an adapted theoretical framework by networking two theories could help document teachers' collective learning through lesson study.

Examining teachers' learning through a project-based learning lesson study: a case study in China

Chunxia Qi, Mun Yee Lai, Lizhe Liu, Siyu Zuo, Haili Liang, Ruisi Li

This study explored how teachers change, what teachers learn and how they learn during the implementation of project-based learning through lesson study.

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