Journal of Organizational Ethnography: Volume 9 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Passing the Test in Organizational Ethnography

Guest Editors: AnnikaLindberg, Tobias GeorgEule

Understanding immigration detention: The analytical value of practical and emotional challenges during fieldwork

Lars Breuls

A reflexive ethnographic account of the practical and emotional challenges encountered by the researcher during fieldwork is too often separated from the analytical…

Between suspicion, nicknames, and trust—renegotiating ethnographic access with Swedish border police

Lisa Marie Borrelli

This article contributes the following: First, it argues along previous works that rites of passage include continuous testing, which needs to be passed in order to gain a…

Testing relevance and applicability: reflections on organizational anthropology

Mette Marie Vad Karsten

Starting from the challenges and implications of doing organizational ethnography within the organization which the researcher is also employed by, the purpose of this…

Making and breaking the manual – a case of tests and rapport in an interdisciplinary team

Helene Ilkjær, Mette My Madsen

This article engages the concept of tests–here understood as social tests of collaborative abilities in the interdisciplinary teamwork–to examine how they are central to…

When reciprocal violence turns into mutual acceptance: A reflection on how dealing with hostile testing facilitated ethnographic production

Carine Farias

The purpose of this paper is to identify practices aimed at “passing the test” in fieldwork contexts characterized by reciprocal forms of symbolic violence.

A feminist and decolonial perspective on passing the test in activist ethnography: Dealing with embeddedness through prefigurative methodology

Claire Jin Deschner, Léa Dorion

The purpose of this paper is to question the idea of “passing a test” within activist ethnography. Activist ethnography is an ethnographic engagement with social movement…

Understanding illegality: tests and trust in sociolegal fieldwork

Kathryne M. Young

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the tests the author faced in her sociolegal fieldwork on Hawaiian cockfighting, and to draw broader lessons from these tests for…

Organisational ethnography as a project of unease

Annika Lindberg, Tobias Georg Eule

The article examines situations of unease during ethnographic fieldwork with migration control agents in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. It shows how these “tests” are both…

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