Journal of Organizational Ethnography: Volume 2 Issue 1


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Reflections on becoming an ethnographer

Gideon Kunda

In this paper the author aims to examine his own life and work in order to understand how an ethnographic sensibility emerges and develops.

Ethnographic Research 2.0: The potentialities of emergent digital technologies for qualitative organizational research

Dhiraj Murthy

This article aims to present current and potential uses of innovative social research methodologies which harness emergent technologies. This article also seeks to note…

The PhD program: between conformity and reflexivity

Nicolas Raineri

This paper seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the impact on doctoral education attributable to performativity pressures in academia, by exploring the…

Ragged edges in the fractured future: a co‐authored organizational autoethnography

Andrew F. Herrmann, Julia A. Barnhill, Mary Catherine Poole

This article aims to represent three ethnographers researching an organizational event within academia: the Second International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. It…

Anthropology: the forgotten behavioral science in management history

Nancy C. Morey, Fred Luthans

This paper traces and acknowledges the heretofore generally overlooked contributions that anthropology and anthropologists have made to the history of management thought…

Reclaiming “Anthropology: the forgotten behavioral science in management history” – commentaries

Fred Luthans, Ivana Milosevic, Beth A. Bechky, Edgar H. Schein, Susan Wright, John Van Maanen, Davydd J. Greenwood

This collection of commentaries on the reprinted 1987 article by Nancy C. Morey and Fred Luthans, “Anthropology: the forgotten behavioral science in management history”…

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