Journal of Organizational Ethnography: Volume 10 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Taking Sides in Organizational Ethnography

Guest Editors: Amalie Martinus Hauge, Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen, Anne Reff Pedersen, Anja Svejgaard Pors

“Snitches get stitches”: researching both sides of illegal markets

Lisa Potter, Gary R. Potter

The question of “taking sides” has received a lot of attention within qualitative criminology. Much of this has focused on the moral-philosophical or value-laden aspects…

Taking sides with patients using institutional ethnography

Caroline Cupit, Janet Rankin, Natalie Armstrong

The main purpose of this paper is to document the first author's experience of using institutional ethnography (IE) to “take sides” in healthcare research. The authors…

“Is it safe?” – Doing ethnography on safety cover ups

David Andrew Vickers

The purpose of this paper is to explore the ethicality, morality and partiality of at-home ethnography (AHE) through an account of organisational wrongdoing at a chemical plant.

“Being on both sides: covert ethnography and partisanship with bouncers in the night‐time economy”

David Calvey

This study aims to critically expose and explore “taking sides” in the context of a covert ethnography of bouncers in the night-time economy of Manchester, UK.

Awkward ethnography: an untapped resource in organizational studies

Beate Sløk-Andersen, Alma Persson

This article explores the analytical gains of what we refer to as “awkward ethnography.” How might our understanding of organizational phenomena benefit from those…

Becoming part of a temporary protest organization through embodied walking ethnography

Amanda J. Lubit, Devon Gidley

This paper explores the consequences of researching temporary protest organizations through embodied ethnography, paying attention to how, when and why a researcher takes sides.

How to take sides: on the challenges of managing positionality

Amalie M. Hauge

The purpose of this paper is to offer an overview of contemporary approaches to the challenge of managing positionality and to discuss their applicability to fieldwork in…

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