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The strategic role of world-class universities in regional innovation system: China’s Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong’s academic profession

Hei-hang Hayes Tang

This paper aims to examine the strategic role of world-class universities and the international academic profession in the regionalisation project of China’s Greater Bay Area…

An empirical study on the correlation between university discipline and industrial structure in the Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao greater bay area

Jinyuan Ma, Kejin Zhu, Yi Cao, Qiongqiong Chen, Xuesen Cheng

This paper examines the correlation between university discipline and industrial structure in the context of the integration and development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau…

The changing value of higher education as a currency of opportunity

Ewan Wright, Haitao Wei

The worldwide expansion of higher education participation has destabilised the value of higher education as a currency of opportunity. An increasing number of graduates are…

Trans-contextualized cross-border student choice under “one country, two systems” from Hong Kong to Mainland China for higher education

Alice Y.C. Te

This article examines the complexity and dynamics of Hong Kong students' choice to pursue undergraduate education in Mainland China under the context of “one country, two systems.”

Pursuing doctoral studies in Macau’s private universities: pragmatic motivations and challenging experiences of Guangdong college teachers

Yanju Shao

In response to the emergence of a strong cross-border student flow of postgraduate students from mainland China to the Macau Special Administrative Region (Macau), this study…

Opportunities and challenges of graduate entrepreneurship in China's Greater Bay Area: cases in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Dian Liu

This study chooses to look at early-stage entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities from the perspective of university graduates. More specially, this study takes the stance…

Hong Kong as public administration metropolis in the internationalization of public administration education: one Hong Kong university experience

Vincent Wong

This article explores the roles and the expertise of Hong Kong in the internationalization of public administration education.

Problems encountered by elders in residential care services in Hong Kong

Gigi Lam

Hong Kong implements a policy for the aging population involving the core themes of “aging in place as the core,” “institutional care as backup” and “continuum of care.”…

Informal industry–university partnership in gaming education and research: a case study in Macao

Carlos Siu Lam

The aim of this paper is to present a model of a university–industry partnership in gaming education and research. It analyzes the interactions and knowledge transfer between the…

The mecca of Cold War scholarship: Hong Kong as the intellectual hub to reveal China to the World

Kenneth Lan

This writing reveals Hong Kong’s role as the center of China research. Before Reform and Opening in 1979, the British colony was the only place in the world where all…

Countermeasures to Japan's declining birthrate: history, current situation and problems

Takahiro Nishimura

Since 1974, Japan's total fertility rate has been constantly below replacement level. The purpose of this paper is to focus on Japan's low fertility issue and countermeasures that…

Social interaction and effectiveness of the online learning – A moderating role of maintaining social distance during the pandemic COVID-19

Hasnan Baber

The pandemic of COVID-19 has pushed most of the classroom learning to an online environment with which most of the people were not familiar. This study aims to investigate the…


COVID-19’s impact on digitalization of education: incorporating visual vocabulary learning application to foster vocabulary knowledge

Hamed Barjesteh, Elham Movafaghardestani, Ahmad Modaberi

COVID-19’s attack on the system of education left the learning of many students in limbo. For minimizing this effect, the current study sought to probe how Mobile-Assisted…

The perceptions on the recent COVID-19 pandemic: a study on health-care students in Malaysia

Norhayati Mohd Zain, Nur Anis Izzati Che Mut

The purpose of this paper is to study the perception of health-care students on the recent COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia. There was one study by Caliskhan et al. (2020) conducted…

Impact of COVID-19 social media news on employee behavior: the mediating role of psychological well-being and depression

Aizza Anwar, Daisy Mui Hung Kee, Ahmad Salman, Gul Jabeen

The study's objective is to examine the impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) social media news (SMN) on work boredom (WB) and task performance (TP). The study proposes…

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