Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy


Enterprise and Innovation

Table Of Contents: Volume 7 Issue 1

IPO activity and market volatility

Mehmet F. Dicle, John Levendis

The purpose of this paper is to hypothesize two channels in which market volatility affects initial public offering (IPO) activity.

Domaine Pas de Choix: government intervention in the Champagne market

Colleen E. Haight, Nikolai G. Wenzel

Subsequent to the First World War, the French Government regulated the Champagne industry, and locked the status of protected (and excluded) grapes into the new…

How to cure cancer: unbinding entrepreneurs in medicine

Arthur M. Diamond Jr

Since the 1960s, experts have predicted that we are on the verge of curing cancer. The purpose of this paper is to explore the obstacles to progress, and to propose…

Institutional drivers of born-public ventures

Kaitlyn DeGhetto, Trey Sutton, Michelle L. Zorn

The purpose of this paper is to identify and theoretically delineate the government-based institutional drivers of “born-public ventures” – ventures that seek to fulfill…

Emergent politics and constitutional drift: the fragility of procedural liberalism

Alexander Salter, Glenn Furton

The purpose of this paper is to integrate classical elite theory into theories of constitutional bargains.

The impact of personal income tax rates on the employment decisions of small businesses

Kathleen Grace

Small businesses file taxes in accordance with the personal income tax code because they are considered flow-through entities. Thus, personal income tax reforms directly…



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