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Enterprise and Innovation

Table Of Contents: Volume 5 Issue 3

Brewing up entrepreneurship: government intervention in beer

Trey Malone, Jayson L. Lusk

While previous studies have looked at the negative consequences of beer drinking often as a prelude to discussing benefits of laws that curtail consumption, the purpose of…

Dynamic property rights and the market process

Alexander Cartwright

Clearly defined and enforceable property rights are commonly recognized as prerequisites to economic calculation and the market process. The purpose of this paper is to…

Freedom and entrepreneurship: a spatial econometric approach

Joshua C. Hall, Donald J. Lacombe, Shree B. Pokharel

While many studies find a positive relationship between economic freedom and entrepreneurship, very few of these studies account for possible spatial autocorrelation…

Fulfilling the need of business advisory services among Swedish immigrant entrepreneurs

Anna Kremel

Taking the entrepreneur’s perspective and a broad view of business advisory services, the purpose of this paper is to examine to what degree the need of business advisory…

Assessing the literature on school reform from an entrepreneurship perspective

John Garen

Enabling and incentivizing organizations to act based on their local knowledge is an important aspect of entrepreneurship. The significance of local knowledge in the…

Does crime affect entrepreneurship? A discussion of the current literature

Josh Matti, Amanda Ross

There are countless factors that affect where an entrepreneur chooses to open a business that have been studied in the literature, including local socio-economic…

Innovation policy in a global economy

Jason Potts

The purpose of this paper is to examine how national innovation policies strategically interact to form emergent de facto global entrepreneurship and innovation policies.

Barriers to entry index: a ranking of starting a business difficulties for the United States

Megan Teague

The purpose of this paper is to present a new data set documenting various costs to starting a business across the 50 US states for the year 2011.

Foreign aid’s impact on domestic business climates

Nabamita Dutta, Russell S. Sobel, Sanjukta Roy

Existing literature has expressed significant pessimism about the outcomes of foreign aid received by developing nations. Foreign aid can lead to negative outcomes by…



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