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Table Of Contents: Volume 4 Issue 2

Is the American dream dead? Inequality, mobility and entrepreneurship

Young Back Choi

The purpose of this paper is to question the frequently heard claims of a negative relationship between inequality and intergenerational mobility (such as the “Great…

Economic freedom, homeownership, and state labor market conditions

Lauren R. Heller, E. Frank Stephenson

The purpose of this paper is to reconcile research finding that labor market outcomes are related to economic freedom for entrepreneurs and separate research finding that…

Central city vibrancy and new business venturing

Stephen Gross, Noel Campbell

Researchers have identified the “vibrancy” of living in a spatially defined area as having a positive impact on entrepreneurial activity, measured as new business…

Development policies and partnerships in Greece: experiences from Thessaloniki

Theodore Metaxas, Marie Noelle Duquenne

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the importance of specific local development policies and partnerships for SME enterprises in Thessaloniki one of the…

Work-family state support for the self-employed across Europe

Anne Annink, Laura den Dulk, Bram Steijn

– The purpose of this paper is to map and understand work-family state support for the self-employed compared to employees across European countries.

Measuring and testing general fundamental attribution error in entrepreneurship effecting public policy

Robert A. Fiore, Robert N. Lussier

The purpose of this paper is to empirically test for fundamental attribution error (FAE) – the naturally occurring bias of humans to over-attribute business success to…

An examination of the burdens faced by entrepreneurs at start-up and five years later

Jason L. Jensen

– The purpose of this paper is to consider the burdens faced by small business entrepreneurs in North Dakota.



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