Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy


Enterprise and Innovation

Table Of Contents: Volume 1 Issue 1

Entrepreneurial action and the rules of the game

Noel D. Campbell

The purpose of this editorial is to introduce the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy (JEPP).

The brewer, the baker, and the monopoly maker

Diana W. Thomas, Peter T. Leeson

This paper seeks to examine how productive entrepreneurial activities, such as innovation, influence unproductive entrepreneurial activities, such as regulatory rent seeking.

Trade openness and cultural creative destruction

Christopher J. Coyne, Claudia R. Williamson

This paper seeks to analyze empirically the net effect of trade openness on “economic culture”, measured by indicators of trust, respect, level of self‐determination, and…

Counseling assistance, entrepreneurship education, and new venture performance

James J. Chrisman, W.E. McMullan, J. Kirk Ring, Daniel T. Holt

The purpose of this paper is to apply the theory of guided preparation to investigate the relative impact of outside counseling assistance and entrepreneurship courses on…

Peeling the onion: public policy in entrepreneurship education

Jeffrey R. Cornwall, William J. Dennis

This paper aims to examine some basic pathways to bring issues of public policy into entrepreneurship classes.

State‐funded angel investor tax credits

John R. Hendon, Joseph R. Bell, Brittany Blair, Don K. Martin

Over the past decade more than 20 states have begun to offer tax credits to angel investors in an attempt to increase state economic growth. These credits are intended to…



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