Arts Marketing: An International Journal: Volume 2 Issue 1


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Arts management/marketing journal citation analysis: assessing external impact

Ruth Rentschler, Theresa A. Kirchner

This paper aims to present a quantitative analysis of arts management/marketing articles in leading general management/marketing journals, including an examination of the extent…


Why promote sold‐out concerts? A Durkheimian analysis

Mark Duffett

The aim of this research paper is to examine why concert promoters sometimes advertise sold‐out live music shows when nobody can buy tickets any longer.

“Staging the past, enacting the present”: Experiential marketing in the performing arts and heritage sectors

Tony Conway, Debra Leighton

This paper seeks to investigate experiential marketing as a potential strategy for cultural attractions operating in a highly competitive leisure marketplace.


Defining market approaches in cultural organizations: an analysis of Italian theatres

Simone Guercini, Silvia Ranfagni

The purpose of this paper is to analyse the emergent role of market in cultural enterprises.

Disruptive marketing and unintended consequences in the nonprofit arts sector

Theresa A. Kirchner, John B. Ford, Sandra Mottner

This research is the first to examine disruptive marketing, a subset perspective of entrepreneurial marketing, and unintended consequences of marketing in the context of the…




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