Grey Systems: Theory and Application


Information and Knowledge Management

Table Of Contents: Volume 2 Issue 3

General grey numbers and their operations

Sifeng Liu, Zhigeng Fang, Yingjie Yang, Jeffrey Forrest

The purpose of this paper is to advance new rules about operations of grey numbers.

The analysis of the overall strength of the world's 2012 110‐meter hurdles of track and field – and the prediction of Liu Xiang's 2012 competitive level

Liu Jiajin, Sun Zijian

The purpose of this paper is to research comprehensively into the development pattern of the world's 110‐meter hurdles of the coming two years. It aims to provide a…

The definition system and computational rule of grey determinant and its application to n grey equations with n grey linear equations

Qiao‐Xing Li, Nai‐Ang Wang, Shi‐Cheng Chen

This paper attempts to establish the conceptional and computational systems of grey determinant and apply it to solve n grey equations with n grey linear equations, which…

Commercial bank credit risk management based on grey incidence analysis

Jiajia Jin, Ziwen Yu, Chuanmin Mi

This paper attempts to analysis the credit risk at the angle of industrial and macroeconomic factor using grey incidence analysis method.

Establishing green supplier appraisement platform using grey concepts

Nitin Kumar Sahu, Saurav Datta, Siba Sankar Mahapatra

This paper aims to develop an efficient measurement index evaluation system towards assessing suppliers' green performance practices. Apart from estimating overall…

Public‐key coding system based on grey generation and braid group

Li Shouwei, Mei Qiang

This paper attempts to construct a public‐key coding system using grey generation and braid group.

Equipment maintainability and its influencing factors analysis based on grey system theory

Hong‐fa Ke, Hong‐Mei Du, Ke He, Xiao‐Hong Yu

The purpose of this paper is to solve the comprehensive evaluation of the equipment maintainability level based on grey system theory, and make an analysis of the…

The development model of new energy vehicle in Henan Province based on the weighted grey target decision

Dang Luo, Jing Zhang

According to the nature and source of alternative energy, types of new energy vehicle include hybrid electric vehicle, pure electric vehicle, fuel cell vehicles, natural…



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