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All together now? Exploring sales and marketing integration

Kevin Snyder, Steve McKelvey, William Sutton

Building on prior research in interactions between sales and marketing departments, the purpose of this paper is to investigate departmental alignment among professional…

It’s not just cricket – the portfolios of the English/Welsh cricket teams

Adrian Pritchard

The purpose of this paper is to examine the range of products and services offered by the professional cricket teams in the UK. To what extent have they added to their…

The impacts of fans’ sincerity perceptions and social media usage on attitude toward sponsor

Abdullah Demirel, Irem Erdogmus

The purpose of this paper is to contribute understanding of sponsorship by examining the impacts of team attachment, perceived fit, perceived sincerity and sport team…

Strategy, structure, and culture within the English Premier League: An examination of large clubs

Eric Monroe Olson, Rebecca Duray, Cary Cooper, Kai Monroe Olson

Prior research has argued that business practices within English football clubs are amateurish and outdated due to the comparatively small size of clubs and the…

Segmenting the collegiate football game spectator: a cluster analysis approach

Young Hoon Kim, Jen L. Duncan, Tun-Min (Catherine) Jai

The purposes of this paper is to segment spectators of collegiate football game using a cluster analysis and to determine differences between spectator clusters based on…

The tragedy of the waves

Justin Deats, Michael Martinez, Robert Shearer, William Shearer

The purpose of this paper is to determine the relationship between the number of waves a surfer will catch, the surfer’s characteristics, and the surf conditions; and…

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