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Table Of Contents: Volume 2 Issue 3

A financial management tool for sport federations

Mathieu Winand, Thierry Zintz, Jeroen Scheerder

The purpose of this study is to develop a tool to manage financial performance of sport federations. It stimulates thinking about the necessity for non‐profit sport…

Board evaluation in the top Nordic football clubs

Tor Brunzell, Sten Söderman

The purpose of this paper is to study if and how the evaluation of the boards in the top Nordic male football clubs affects the boards’ composition and work.

English professional football clubs

Neil Moore, Roger Levermore

In the last two decades sports studies and sports management journals have called for there to be research in sports management that explores sports links to mainstream…

Public policy and funding New York's new sports venues

James Santomier, John Gerlach

The purpose of this article is to examine selected public policy and funding issues of six New York Metropolitan Area sport venues and to discuss their implications for…

Measuring the efficiency of English Premier League football

Alexander Kern, Michael Schwarzmann, Armin Wiedenegger

The purpose of this research paper is to prove the superiority of a two‐stage data envelopment analysis compared to a one‐stage approach in measuring a football club's…



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