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You’re in; you’re out: selection practices of coaches

Trish Bradbury, Darryl Forsyth

The purpose of this paper is to investigate athlete selection procedures implemented by 25 provincial and national level coaches in New Zealand. One of the main focuses of…

The need for regulating professional soccer in Europe: A soft budget constraint approach argument

Rasmus K. Storm

The purpose of this paper is to argue for the necessity of regulating European club football financially, in order to create a fair structure of sporting competition.

Mapping statistics to success on the PGA Tour : Insights from the use of a single metric

Kabir C. Sen

Although the PGA Tour provides a wide array of statistics, no single measure has successfully been able to predict a player's success during the season, either in terms of…

Micro and macro level determinants of sport participation

Pamela Wicker, Kirstin Hallmann, Christoph Breuer

Sport participation is not exclusively determined by individual socio‐demographic factors (micro level) since infrastructure factors such as the availability of sport…

Understanding adolescent sport participation through online social media

Norm O'Reilly, Ida E. Berger, Tony Hernandez, Milena M. Parent, Benoit Seguin

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the potential role and use of online social media to influence sport participation in youth aged 12 to 17 years by responding to…

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