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Financial barriers for sports consumption: the dynamics of the income–expenditure relation

Erik Thibaut, John Eakins, Annick Willem, Jeroen Scheerder

First, the income elasticities are calculated for different levels of income, for both the decision to spend money on sports and the amount of money that is spent. Second…

A CUSUM tool for retrospectively evaluating team performance: the case of the English Premier League

Clive Beggs, Alexander John Bond

Despite being a widely used management technique, cumulative sum (CUSUM) analysis remains almost unheard of in professional sport. To address this, CUSUM analysis of…

Financial performance and corporate diversification strategies in professional football – evidence from the English Premier League

Florian Holzmayer, Sascha L. Schmidt

Professional football clubs have increasingly initiated two corporate diversification strategies to enfold growth opportunities besides traditional income sources…

What generic strategies do private fitness centres implement and what are their impacts on financial performance?

Elsa Vieira, João Ferreira

The purpose of this paper is to identify the strategies that private fitness centres implement and to evaluate their impact on financial performance.

The determinants of season ticket holder advocacy in the NCAA football bowl subdivision

Heather Jane Lawrence, Norm O'Reilly, Alexandra Speck, Chris Ullrich, Kayla Robles

The objective of this paper is to respond to four research questions. The first two as how likely are college football season ticket holders to recommend (1) purchasing a…

Understanding and mapping stakeholders of sport clubs: particularities

Xabier Mendizabal, Leire San-Jose, Jose Domingo Garcia-Merino

Professional basketball clubs generate value not only for shareholders, but also for other stakeholders. These organizations create a broader social value for a wide range…

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