Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Volume 6 Issue 2


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Collaborative relationships between logistics service providers and humanitarian organizations during disaster relief operations

Jennifer Bealt, Jair Camilo Fernández Barrera, S. Afshin Mansouri

The purpose of this paper is to explore barriers and benefits of establishing relationships between humanitarian organizations (HOs) and logistics service providers (LSPs…

Emergency preparedness planning in developed countries: the Swedish case

Elvira Kaneberg, Susanne Hertz, Leif-Magnus Jensen

The purpose of this paper is to understand the needs of the supply-chain (SC) network when coping with permanent and temporary demands, this paper analyzes the Swedish…

Supply chain agility in humanitarian protracted operations

Cécile L'Hermitte, Peter Tatham, Ben Brooks, Marcus Bowles

The purpose of this paper is to extend the concept of agility in humanitarian logistics beyond emergency operations. Since the humanitarian logistics literature focuses…

Introducing PEARL: A Gini-like index and reporting tool for public accountability and equity in disaster response

Claire Elizabeth Carlson, Paul A. Isihara, Roger Sandberg, David Boan, Kaile Phelps, Kyu Lim Lee, Danilo R. Diedrichs, Daniela Cuba, Johnny Edman, Melissa Gray, Roland Hesse, Robin Kong, Kei Takazawa

The need in disaster response to assess how reliably and equitably funding was accounted for and distributed is addressed by a standardized report and index applicable to…

A SCOR framework to measure logistics performance of humanitarian organizations

Qing Lu, Mark Goh, Robert De Souza

In humanitarian logistics operations, performance measurement is crucial for effective operation. The purpose of this paper is to develop a set of indicators for…

Capabilities and competencies in humanitarian operations

Aruna Apte, Paulo Gonçalves , Keenan Yoho

Both the military and non-military organizations (NMO) bring assets, skills, and capabilities to a humanitarian crisis, however, their capabilities and competencies are…

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