Journal of Learning Disabilities and Offending Behaviour: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Understanding and treating offenders with learning disabilities: a review of recent developments

John Taylor, William Lindsay

De‐institutionalisation and resettlement have had a significant impact on offenders with learning disabilities (LD) who are now more visible in the wider community than before…

‘It's what happens when you're ready to leave hospital that's really important’ ‐ commissioning secure services for people with learning disabilities

Mick Burns, Wendy Silberman, Ged McCann

This article describes a process undertaken to develop a set of commissioning principles to support the commissioning of secure learning disability services across England. The…

Introduction to the Dutch De Borg institutions

Jacqueline Roos

In this article we introduce De Borg, a collaboration of five institutions in the Netherlands for adults with mild learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities) and severe…


From insecure attachment to (partial) inter‐subjectivity (fearful aloneness to safely being with others)

Philip Clayton

This single case study design describes the process in the care and treatment of Martin, a 28‐year‐old man with a learning disability and a diagnosis of emotionally unstable…

Justifications of detainment ‐ from ideology to practice

Pamela Inglis, Colin Dale

This paper describes the ideas related to forensic practice with people with learning disabilities through a study that explores the apparent ‘truths’ about people with learning…

Providing forensic community services for people with learning disabilities

Shamim Dinani, Wendy Goodman, Charlotte Swift, Teresa Treasure

This paper reports on the first eight years of a community‐based forensic team for people with learning disabilities. The authors give an overview of current research and…




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2010 – 2012

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