Journal of Global Responsibility: Volume 5 Issue 1


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The relationship between leadership paradigms and employee engagement

Tanyu Zhang, Gayle C. Avery, Harald Bergsteiner, Elizabeth More

This study investigated whether the direct supervisor's leadership style affects employee engagement using Avery's classical, transactional, visionary, and organic…

Bringing theory to practice: how to extract value from corporate social responsibility

Maria Federica Izzo

This contribution aims to clarify the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an issue of governance and a strategic tool more than a mere communication activity…

Two snapshots reinforcing systemic thinking and responsibility

Nick Barter, Sally Russell

This paper aims to explore the concept of sustainable development through the lens of two United Nations (UN) publications, Our Common Future (1987) and the 25-year update…

Are we on track with sustainability literacy?: A viewpoint on the influence of sustainability and accounting education on future managers' processing of sustainability information

Rüdiger Hahn, Daniel Reimsbach

In this viewpoint, the authors aim to discuss sustainability issues in university education. Balancing what we call the “Accounting View” and the “Sustainability View”…

Responsible education and multiple learning identities by the Mamanwas in Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines

Carlos Rabasso, Javier Rabasso

How responsible education and “green” learning becomes crucial for survival for the Mamanwa ethnic minority in Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines. The paper aims to…

A framework for stakeholder engagement and sustainable development in MNCs

Jo Rhodes, Bruce Bergstrom, Peter Lok, Vincent Cheng

The aim of this study is to determine key factors and processes for multinational companies (MNCs) to develop an effective stakeholder engagement and sustainable…

Water as a corporate resource

Daniel S. Fogel, Janet Elizabeth Palmer

Water is a unique resource that does not receive enough attention among companies given its essential contribution to human life. Its uniqueness among all resources…

The global public health issue of pharmaceutical waste: what role for pharmacists?

Judith A. Singleton, Lisa M. Nissen, Nick Barter, Malcolm McIntosh

Pharmaceuticals have played an important role in improving the quality of life of the human population in modern times. However, it must also be acknowledged that both the…

A phenomenological study of CSR policy making and implementation in developed countries: The case of The Netherlands and Sweden

Henry Ogiri Itotenaan, Martin Samy, Roberta Bampton

Over the last few years, governments in the developed countries have increased their level of involvement in promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities…

Employee satisfaction and sustainable leadership practices in Thai SMEs

Suparak Suriyankietkaew, Gayle C. Avery

Given previous findings that employee satisfaction contributes to firm performance and sustainability, this study examined the relationships between 23…

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