Journal of Global Responsibility: Volume 2 Issue 1


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Integrating corporate responsibility and sustainable development: A normative‐conceptual approach to holistic management thinking

Rüdiger Hahn

For many years, the content and applicability of various forms of corporate responsibility (CR) for issues in the domain of sustainable development have been discussed…

Systemic thinking from a scientific and spiritual perspective: Toward a new paradigm and eco world order

Eugene Allevato, Joan Marques

The purpose of this paper is to enhance awareness and foment the concept of “eco‐citizenship” within today's students in higher education.

Helping to learn? Learning opportunities for seconded corporate managers

Rolando M. Tomasini

Humanitarian disasters strike overnight causing urgent demands for assistance in complex environments. Attending to the needs of the beneficiaries requires highly trained…

CSR strategy in multinational firms: focus on human resources, suppliers and community

Alessandra De Chiara, Tiziana Russo Spena

According to recent developments in the literature, the spread of corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles would inevitably have a significant impact on foreign…

The ethical dilemma of sustainable development: Guyana

Tilokie Depoo, David J. Rosner

The purpose of this paper is to provide the ethical justification for an argument regarding compensatory sustainability programs in general and for small developing…

The major components of corporate social responsibility

Chih Hung Chen

The purpose of this paper is to present a procedure for identifying a corporate social responsibility (CSR) model with best goodness‐of‐fit. This research constructed a…

An examination of corporate social responsibility and financial performance: A study of the top 50 Indonesian listed corporations

Juanita Oeyono, Martin Samy, Roberta Bampton

The increasing demand of stakeholders' interests in social performance has put pressure on corporations to undertake social responsibility reporting in their operations in…

Australian managers' experience of global human rights issues

Kerry Lynne Pedigo, Verena Mary Marshall

The purpose of this paper is to explore the experiences of Australian managers in relation to human rights issues and corporate responsibility inherent in their…

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