Journal of Global Responsibility: Volume 1 Issue 1


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A theoretical responsibility and accountability framework for CSR and global responsibility

Harald Bergsteiner, Gayle C. Avery

Responsibility and accountability are central to much of what managers do, but in the literature these complex social science concepts are confused. The paper aims to…

Corporations and the third sector: responsible marriages at last?

Dwayne Baraka

Corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) and its themes have taken root across the globe in the last 25 years. Corporations have generally responded by either embracing CSR…

Globally fit leadership: four steps forward

Jonathan Smith, John Rayment

Businesses operate in a world facing a range of urgent global issues (UGIs). Unless an effective response is made in the near future, extremely damaging consequences are…

A Chomskyan approach to responsible critical management education

Carlos A. Rabasso, Javier Rabasso

The purpose of this paper is to tackle some of the concepts and ideas that the intellectual and business community can learn from Chomsky's thinking in relation with a new…

Political advocacy or electronic advocacy?: The use of electronic techniques by Japanese NPOs for political advocacy purposes

Rosario Laratta

The purpose of this exploratory paper is to examine how affiliates of a Japanese Social Welfare Corporation, a national nonprofit organization (NPO) which provides…

Corporate governance and business ethics in the European Union: a cluster analysis

Cynthia Clark Williams, Elies Seguí‐Mas

The purpose of this paper is to examine the underlying differences in European Union (EU) country approaches to corporate governance and business ethics given the…

Transformative learning: UAE, women, and higher education

Susan R. Madsen, Bradley J. Cook

Research on education for women in the Arab world is just beginning to unfold. In some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, higher education for women has only…

Learning to practice social responsibility in small business: challenges and conflicts

Tara Fenwick

The purpose of this paper is to address issues of practicing social responsibility (SR) in small business, where SR implementation challenges are unique. The discussion…

The one degree war plan

Jorgen Randers, Paul Gilding

The purpose of this paper is to present the idea of a global crisis plan that will be demanded when global society finally decides that the climate challenge is a real…

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