Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal: Volume 2 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Sustainable decision making in a time of crisis: public and private perspectives

Guest Editors: Dr Malcolm McIntosh, Dr Vesselin Popovski, Dr Masaru Yarime

Towards CSR and the sustainable enterprise economy in the Asia Pacific region

Susan Forbes, Malcolm McIntosh

This study aims to examine the uptake of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Asia Pacific region and to explore the extent to which countries in the region are…

Role of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in seafood eco‐labelling policy in Japan

Darek Gondor, Hideka Morimoto

Drawing on original and published research this paper seeks to examine the current situation of eco‐labelling in Japan, and the possible roles of two connected…

Sustainable business model for biofuel industries in Indonesia

Joni Jupesta, Yuko Harayama, Govindan Parayil

This study aims to focus on the design of a sustainable business model on the development of a biofuel industry in Indonesia.

Innovation and its potential in the context of the ecological component of sustainable development

Victoria A. Bakhtina

This paper seeks to discuss technology transfer – and its role in climate change mitigation – within the United Nations framework of sustainable development. Innovation is…

Public policies for scaling corporate responsibility standards: Expanding collaborative governance for sustainable development

Jem Bendell, Anthony Miller, Katharina Wortmann

This paper seeks to provide an overview and context for the emerging field of public policies for scaling voluntary standards, or private regulations, on the social and…

Standardized reporting of climate change information in Australia

Julie Cotter, Muftah Najah, Shihui Sophie Wang

This paper seeks to explore the gaps between regulatory requirements and authoritative guidance regarding climate disclosure in Australia; reporting practices; and the…

Protecting and regaining clarity of mission in the microfinance industry

Marc J. Epstein, Kristi Yuthas

The paper's aim is to thoroughly examine solutions to mission diffusion and mission drift in the microfinance industry.

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