Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal: Volume 2 Issue 1


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Science and technology development and the depoliticization of the public space: The case of socially and culturally sustainable biotechnology in New Zealand

Linda R. Macdonald, Richard J. Varey, James R. Barker

The authors aim to review a five‐year multi‐study research programme on the role of public dialogue in the social and cultural sustainability of biotechnology developments…

Emissions trading in China: lessons from Taiyuan SO2 emissions trading program

Zhen Lu

This paper seeks to investigate sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions trading practice in China and discusses what it might reveal about the suitability of using emissions…

Learning equilibria in growth‐pollution models

Orlando Gomes

This paper seeks to explain how inefficient learning rules may lead to a perception of economic and ecological realities that may be systematically distorted in the long run.

The role of management accounting practices as facilitators of the environmental management: Evidence from EMAS organisations

Esther Albelda

The paper aims to explore the role of management accounting practices as facilitators of the environmental management.

An analysis of the Italian governmental guidelines and of the local governments' practices for social reports

Federica Farneti, Benedetta Siboni

This paper seeks to analyse social report guidelines and practices within Italian local governments (ILGs). First, it compares the contents of the two Italian governmental…

Reasons for sustainability reporting by New Zealand local governments

Amber Bellringer, Amanda Ball, Russell Craig

This study aims to draw on the New Zealand context to provide extensions and comparative insights to prior research that has canvassed the reasons for sustainability…

Embedding gender in sustainability reports

Katherine Miles

The purpose of this paper is to detail the research and consultation process highlighting the demand for this information, undertaken by the Global Reporting Initiative…

Improving Australian greenhouse gas reporting and financial analysis of carbon risk associated with investments

Tim Nelson, Elizabeth Wood, James Hunt, Cathlin Thurbon

Climate change policies such as carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes are being developed and implemented in ways which fundamentally transform the profitability of…

Co‐operative performance

Ed Mayo

The purpose of this paper is to consider the historical basis of development of corporate social responsibility and the impact of this on co‐operative enterprises and…

The development of leaders able to respond to climate change and sustainability challenges: The role of business schools

Carol A. Adams, Marielle G. Heijltjes, Gavin Jack, Tim Marjoribanks, Michael Powell

This paper seeks to discuss the role of business academics and business schools in the development of leaders able to respond to climate change and sustainability challenges.

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