Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management: Volume 8 Issue 2

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The relationship between customer orientation, emotional labour and job burnout

Xue Wu, An-Jin Shie

Drawing on the conservation of resources theory, this study aims to apply the emotional labour concept to illustrate about the relationship between customer orientation…


Affective commitment, loyalty to supervisor and guanxi: Chinese employees in joint ventures and reformed state-owned enterprises

Yui-tim Wong

This study aims to investigate and compare the relationships of affective commitment, loyalty to supervisor and guanxi among Chinese workers in joint ventures (JVs) and…

The impact of pay-for-performance perception and pay level satisfaction on employee work attitudes and extra-role behaviors: An investigation of moderating effects

Ting Ren, Ruolian Fang, Zhen Yang

This paper aims to investigate the impact of pay-for-performance (PFP) perception and pay level satisfaction on work attitudes (job satisfaction, turnover intention and…


Value diversity and performance in small groups: Empirical evidence from Chinese management students in Germany

Ronald Busse

This paper aims to contributes to the literature on team diversity, both in general as well as relating to Chinese managers. Previous studies largely focused on the link…

Employee imagination and implications for entrepreneurs: Inspiration from Chinese business enterprises

Usman Talat, Kirk Chang

The purpose of this study is to examine employee imagination and implications for entrepreneurs of China. In 2015, the European Group of Organization Studies released a…



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2010 – 2019


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