Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management: Volume 5 Issue 2

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Understanding the indigenous Chinese concept of suzhi (素质) from an HRM perspective: A conceptual analysis

Greg G. Wang, David Lamond, Verner Worm, Wenshu Gao, Shengbin Yang

The purpose of this paper is to examine the indigenous Chinese concept of suzhi (素质) with the aim of furthering the development of Chinese human resource management (HRM…

Suzhi development: indigenous approaches to enhancing the quality of human resources

Connie Zheng

This paper aims to examine the Chinese indigenous concept of suzhi (素质) by analyzing its historical evolution and its contemporary implications for human resource…

Suzhi: an indigenous criterion for human resource management in China

Liguo Xu, Pinging Fu, Youmin Xi

The purpose of this paper is to conceptualize the indigenous concept of suzhi at individual and organizational levels, and identify its dimensions for human resource…

Employee suzhi in Chinese organizations: organizational ownership behavior

Baiyin Yang, Zhequn Mei

The purpose of this paper is to examine a Chinese indigenous concept of organizational ownership behavior (OOB) as an aspect of employee suzhi in relation to…

Suzhi expectations for double-shouldered academics in Chinese public universities: An exploratory case study

Maggie M. Wang, Cherrie J.H. Zhu, Connie Zheng, Susan Mayson

The purpose of this paper is to explore suzhi requirements and expectations to double-shouldered academics as middle-level cadres (双肩挑处级干部) in a Chinese higher education…

Ambicultural Ambassador between East and West: Interview with Dr. Ming-Jer Chen, Leslie E. Grayson Professor (Part II)

Jie Ke

This purpose of this article is to report the second part of a recent interview with Dr Ming-Jer Chen. He shares his values, beliefs and philosophies on life, business and…




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