Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management: Volume 5 Issue 1

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Table of contents

Moving forward: Exploring unique Chinese phenomena and advancing HRM research

Greg G. Wang, Yichi Zhang, David Lamond, Jie Ke

The purpose of this study is to review the current status of the Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management (JCHRM) in this initial stage and present a number of…

Prioritizing work for family: A Chinese indigenous perspective

Mian Zhang, Hai Li, Sharon Foley

The purpose of this paper was to develop an indigenous understanding of work-family interface (WFI) that reflects the drastic changes and evolving social context in China…

Contextualizing or decontextualizing? The peril of using Western social capital scales in China

Sherry L. Avery, Judy Y. Sun, Patricia M. Swafford, Edmund L. Prater

The purpose of this study is to promote Chinese indigenous research by examining a case in which adopting social capital (SC) scales developed in the Western context for…

The many faces of suzhi in the Chinese organization and society: Implications for multinational HRM practice

Sean Upton-McLaughlin

The purpose of this paper was to explore the Chinese concept of suzhi and how it relates to behavioral standards within mainland Chinese society and the workplace. The…

Winning the global talent war: A policy perspective

William S. Harvey

The purpose of this article was to discuss the phenomenon of international talent mobility and competition in relation to China's engagement in the “talent war” for…


Ambicultural ambassador between East and West: Interview with Dr Ming-Jer Chen, Leslie E. Grayson Professor, Part I

Jie Ke

The purpose of this article is to report the first part of a recent interview with Dr Ming-Jer Chen. He shares his values, beliefs and philosophies on life, business and…



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