Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management: Volume 4 Issue 2

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Innovation and Chinese HRM research and practice: Problems and promises – introduction to editors' forum

Greg G. Wang, David Lamond, Yichi Zhang

This article aims to highlight the importance of creativity and innovation in Chinese HRM research and practice. The authors first seek to bring some conceptual clarity to…

Originality: challenges in Chinese HRM research

Malcolm Warner

– This essay aims to present three critical challenges in the Chinese human resource management (HRM) research related to research originality.


Opportunities abound in HRM and innovation

Randall S. Schuler

The paper examines research fronts in the areas of innovation and human resource management (HRM), specifically integrates them and offers potential for interesting…


HRM research in the Mainland China: toward an etic-emic balance

Dayou Cao, Peter Ping Li, Yuanling Li

The purpose of this perspective article is to identify the developmental trajectory of human resource management (HRM) research in the Mainland China as well as the major…


Human resource challenges in China after the leadership transition

Fang Cai

From a macro perspective, the paper aims to present human resources challenges after the new leadership transition in China and propose future directions for policy and…


Human resource development and innovation in China: State HRD policies, organizational practices, and research opportunities

Fang Lee Cooke

The paper aims to examine the relationship between human resource development (HRD) and organizational and national competitiveness and identify research opportunities for…


Chinese core self-evaluations and job performance: Entrepreneurs in private small and medium enterprises

Clark Shi-Ming Tang, Thomas Li-Ping Tang, Xiao-Yan Li

This study aims to develop a Chinese core self-evaluations scale (CCSES) (Study 1) and examines the relationship between CCSES and self-reported job performance among…

A passionate management scholar: Interview with Dr Xiao-Ping Chen (part II). Chinese management research

Jie Ke

– This article aims to present the second part of an interview with Dr Xiao-Ping Chen. The focus is on her experience in, and insight on, Chinese management research.




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