Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management: Volume 10 Issue 1/2

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The effect of the social network of the top management team on innovation in cultural and creative industries: A study based on knowledge network embedding

Hao Jiao, Yupei Wang, Minjia Liu

The purpose of this study is to explore how the influence of the social network of the members of top management teams affects the firms’ innovation performance through…

The challenge of HR integration: a review of the M&A HR integration literature

Wenjia Chang-Howe

The purpose of this study is to follw the process perspective approach in post-M&A (mergers and acquisitions) integration studies, with a focus on human resource function…


Problems of human capital development when employing migrant workers

Xinlei Sha, Bill Taylor

This paper aims to investigate how human capital of rural migrant workers is regulated and manipulated at ten petrol stations in one Chinese coastal city. The research is…

Change in China? Taking stock of blue collars’ work values

Marina Anna Schmitz

This paper aims to provide insights into current issues, such as changing expectations and needs of blue-collar workers, from both an employee and HR perspective, to…



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2010 – 2019


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