Journal of Criminal Psychology: Volume 9 Issue 3


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Professional and peer support preferences for women who self-harm in custody

Louise Griffiths, Di Bailey, Karen Slade

Peer and professional support are important for women in prison to help them tackle a range of issues including self-harm. To date, research has not explored in any depth how…

What leads victims to resist? Factors that influence victim resistance in sexual assaults

Samantha Balemba, Eric Beauregard

Victim resistance has been shown to have an important impact on the outcome of sexual assaults. Thus, the factors that affect a victim’s likelihood of various levels of resistance…

Moving past sporadic eruptions, discursive killing, and running amok: recognizing the convergence of the serial and spree killer

Enzo Yaksic

Rapid sequence homicide offenders (RSHOs), formerly spree killers, are an understudied population due to the confusion surrounding their classification in relation to serial…

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