Journal of Criminal Psychology: Volume 8 Issue 3


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The impact of a brief structured intervention on young offenders masculine identity: a mixed methods study

Nicholas Blagden, Christian Perrin

Masculinity in young men can be considered a dynamic risk factor. However, there is a lack of interventions designed to support men and young men to explore the ways in which the…

Poisoning expertise and outcomes in malicious contamination incidents

Sarah Kilbane

It is often assumed that poisoners and product tamperers are likely to share an interest in or knowledge of poisonous substances. The purpose of this paper is to determine whether…

Stepping stones to sexual murder: the role of developmental factors in the etiology of sexual homicide

Eric Beauregard, Matt DeLisi

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of a variety of developmental factors on sexual homicide offenders (SHOs), while taking into account other components of sexual…

The use of the mental health treatment requirement (MHTR): clinical outcomes at one year of a collaboration

Clive G. Long, Olga Dolley, Clive Hollin

In the UK, the mental health treatment requirement (MHTR) order for offenders on probation has been underused. A MHTR service was established to assess the effectiveness of a…

Performance-verbal discrepancies and facets of psychopathy: assessing the relationship between WAIS–R/III summary IQs/index scores and PCL–R facet scores

Glenn D. Walters, Scott A. Duncan

The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between differences in performance and verbal intelligence quotients (PIQ and VIQ) and the four facet scores from the…

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