Journal of Criminal Psychology: Volume 6 Issue 1


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The dark figure of sexual offending: new evidence from federal sex offenders

Matt DeLisi, Daniel E. Caropreso, Alan J. Drury, Michael J. Elbert, Jerry L. Evans, Timothy Heinrichs, Katherine M. Tahja

The purpose of this paper is to examine the dark figure of crime among federal sex offenders from the USA to quantify crime victims and sex crime events among those with no…


Social psychological dynamics of hostage negotiation: forensic psychology, suicide intervention, police intelligence/counterintelligence, and tactical entry

Gordon James Knowles

The purpose of this paper is to review several major components of hostage negotiation including: the different types of hostage situations; the prediction of the behavioral…


Criminal history of homicide offenders: a multi-dimensional analysis of criminal specialization

Carrie Trojan, Gabrielle Salfati

The purpose of this paper is to determine how offenses co-occur in the backgrounds of homicide offenders and if identified groups of offenses reflect an underlying theoretical…

Is ROC analysis a tool that should replace probative analysis in studying lineups?

Avraham Levi

– The purpose of this paper is to explain why ROC analysis is an inappropriate replacement for probative analysis in lineup research.

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