Journal of Criminal Psychology: Volume 13 Issue 1


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An analysis of the characteristics and motives of the UK homicides involving acts of dismemberment

Victoria Jade Pointon, Michelle Wright

The purpose of this study was to contribute to the evidence base by analysing the characteristics and motives of homicides involving acts of dismemberment.

A Wolf in sheep’s clothing: taxometric evidence of the dimensional structure of stalking

Nicholas Longpré, Ewa B. Stefanska, Maria Tachmetzidi Papoutsi, Eleanor White

The purpose of this study is to examine the latent structure of stalking. Stalking can be defined as a pattern of repeated and unwanted behaviours that cause another person to be…

Gender based violence against women: the crisis behind being a restaurant waitress

Awgchew Shimelash Yasegnal

This study aims to investigate the types, perpetrators, places, times and consequences of gender-based violence (GBV).

Case study reflections of an internet child abuse material offender informing the development of a proposed assessment instrument

Catherine Garrington, Sally Kelty, Debra Rickwood, Douglas Pieter Boer

Internet child abuse material (I/CAM) offences negatively affect children in our own communities and in the wider virtual world. This study aims to understand the differentiation…

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