Journal of Criminal Psychology: Volume 10 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Cold Case Investigations

Guest Editors: David Keatley, Susan Cormier

A timeline toolkit for cold case investigations

David Keatley, David D. Clarke

The purpose of this paper is to outline a variety of related methods for helping with criminal (cold) case investigations. Despite the best efforts of police investigations, many…

Benefits of scenario reconstruction in cold case investigations

Chantal Epskamp-Dudink, Jan Martin Winter

The purpose of this paper is to propose a methodological approach to increase the clearance rate of cold cases in The Netherlands and to contribute to the development of…

A review and recommendations for the integration of forensic expertise within police cold case reviews

Brendan Chapman, David Keatley, Giles Oatley, John Coumbaros, Garth Maker

Cold case review teams and the processes that they adopt in their endeavour to solve historic crimes are varied and largely underreported. Of the limited literature surrounding…

Law enforcement and academics working together on cold case investigations: lessons learned and paths forward

Bryanna Fox, Lauren N. Miley, Scott Allen, Jordan Boness, Cassandra Dodge, Norair Khachatryan, MacKenzie Lyle, Sean McKinley, Jeff Peake, Maria Rozo

The purpose of this study is to outline the specific details and lessons learned during a cold case collaborative effort, which granted graduate students and a professor from the…

Detection avoidance and mis/unclassified, unsolved homicides in Australia

Claire Ferguson, Amber McKinley

The purpose of this paper is to begin to explore whether and how the use of detection avoidance (DA) by offenders leads to a so called “dark figure” of unsolved homicides that…

Evaluating the use of data-based offender profiling by researchers, practitioners and investigative journalists to address unresolved serial homicides

Enzo Yaksic

The purpose of this article is to improve the use of evidence-based practice and research utilization in the offender profiling process. The use of offender profiling has been met…


The media as an investigative resource: reflections from English cold-case units

Kirsty Bennett

The use of the media in live cases has been explored in terms of its use and value to an investigation. However, it is unclear as to whether engaging with the media in cold-case…

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