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Analysis of large-scale correlations on temperatures over Iraq

Mohammed Wheed Hassan, Kadhim Abdul Wahab Hassan Al-Asadi

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Personnel brain-drain syndrome and quality healthcare delivery among public healthcare workforce in Nigeria

Olusegun Emmanuel Akinwale, Olusoji James George

The mass exodus of the professional healthcare workforce has become a cankerworm for a developing nation like Nigeria, and this worsens the already depleted healthcare systems in…


Role of vitamin D in the academic performance of health sciences students in Saudi Arabia

Wala Ibrahim AlZahrani, Anitha Oommen

Many researchers have reported that vitamin D can affect brain development as well as brain function. The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the Saudi population is 81% and it…


Taurine, a non-proteinous essential amino acid for human body systems: an overview

Nadeem Rais, Akash Ved, Mohd. Shadab, Rizwan Ahmad, Mohammad Shahid

Taurine (2-aminoethane sulfonic acid; C2H7NO3S) is a nonprotein sulfur-containing β-amino acid present in nearly all mammalian tissues and the most ubiquitous free endogenous…


Perceived quality of life in patients with heart failure: a cross-sectional study among adults in Kingdom of Bahrain

Amina Mohamed Ghuloom, Hala Mohamed Sanad

The aim of this study is to assess the perceived quality of life of Bahraini patients with heart failure.


Study of secondary particles resulting along 50–150 MeV accelerated protons in liver tissues using MCNPX and abdomen DICOM images

Tawfik Abo Shdeed

This paper aims to study the resulting Brag peak and secondary particles (neutrons, photons, deuterons, alpha, helium_3, and tritons) along protons’ path in tissue.


The antibacterial activity and biochemical composition of Adansonia Digitata edible parts

Ouafae El Yahyaoui, Bahia Bouabid, Nabil Ait Ouaaziz, Mohamed El Bakkali, Hanae El Harche, Lalla Aicha Lrhorfi, Kamal Nakari, Rachid Bengueddour

Within the framework of the valorization of natural resources, a characterization of the biochemical composition of the edible parts of Adansonia Digitata is applied. The…

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