School-University Partnerships: Volume 16 Issue 2 , Open Access

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Partnering to support K-12 instruction of difficult topics through inquiry-based professional learning

Boaz Dvir, Logan Rutten, Danielle Butville, Eric Wilson

Many K-12 teachers teach difficult topics as part of their curricula, and discussions of difficult topics are common across grade levels and content areas. As teachers…

Dedication to the craft: developing pre-service teachers into social justice advocates through PDS and poetry

Kerry Cormier

The purpose of this poetic inquiry was to understand how the professional development school (PDS) model can help pre-service teachers (PSTs) develop an inclusive philosophy of…

The past is prologue part II: a study of PDS comparison dissertations

Diane Yendol-Hoppey, Eva Garin

The study aims to present a logic map linking the Professional Development School (PDS) Nine Essentials as a PDS theory of action and offer an analysis of dissertations that…

Risk takers: PDS partners developing and sustaining antifragile teachers

Lianne Jones, Rachelle Rogers, Doug Rogers, Austin McClinton, Lisa Painter

The ever-changing educational landscape, exacerbated by recent events surrounding COVID, political and cultural unrest, necessitates educators who are antifragile, able to…

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