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What we wonder: an iterative exploration of teachers' perceptions of social-emotional learning

Rachelle Curcio, Rebecca Smith Hill, Kate Ascetta

The paper aims to examine how a professional development school-district (PDS-D) partnership, enacting an improvement science stance, collectively explored social-emotional…

Is the past prologue? Part 1: a qualitative analysis of PDS dissertation research focused on learning

Eva Garin, Diane Yendol-Hoppey

This study provides an analysis of professional development school (PDS) dissertation research that focuses on learning in PDSs. These 103 dissertations written between 1990 and…

Creating a culture of learning – mentoring in a PDS

Nicole Schlaack

Professional development schools (PDSs) advocate links between schools and teacher education programs, but how do mentor teachers in schools experience their role in this…

Secondary preservice teachers' critical reflecting practices: examining perceptions of confidence using a two-part reflection

Jess Smith, Ryann N. Shelton, Nate Scholten, Madelon McCall

The purpose of this single case study is to examine secondary-certificate-seeking preservice teachers' (PST) perceptions of their teaching practice.

Positioned as pedagogues, finding their teaching personas: critical, project-based clinical experiences in PDS/school-university contexts

Kristien Zenkov, Marion Taousakis, Jennifer Goransson, Emily Staudt, Marriam Ewaida, Madelyn Stephens, Megan Hostutler, Jasmin Castorena, Matt Kitchen

Policy makers, professional associations and scholars continue to advocate for the integration of enhanced clinical experiences for future teachers’ preparation. These…


A call for critical PDS: infusing DisCrit into the nine essentials

Michelle L. Damiani, Brent C. Elder

The field of Professional Development Schools (PDS) continues to evolve with promising implications. As part of advancing practice, the National Association for Professional…

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