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America’s Creativity in Scienceand Technology: Past and Future

James A. Lee

America’s patent rate (per 100,000 population) rose steeply to 34 from 1820‐1885, hovered between 28‐36 for the next 40 years then started its plunge to the present 18. This…

The future of American Unionism

James B. Dworkin

Given the changing structure of the American economy, many people (researchers and practitioners) have become partiucarly interested in the role that labor unions will play as we…

Scanning the Future Environment for Banking

John F. Preble, Arie Reichel

Environmental scanning is that part of the strategic planning process which monitors emerging changes and issues and determines their likely impact on business decisions. While…


A Method for Diagnosing the Right Problem

Marvin E. Darter, William Acar, William J. Amadio

olving the wrong problem is a common occurrence in business practice. This paper presents a straight forward procedure that can be used by a decision‐making unit to ensure a more…


Reducing Employer Health Care Expense: A Look at Transaction Costs

Gary J. Blatter, Jayne Fuglister

Almost all firms have taken measures to reduce the employee health claim cost component of health care expense. Many large firms have also been able to reduce the transaction…

Implications Of Group Technology

Nazim U. Ahmed, John E. Burton

The concept of group technology (GT) is drawing increasing interest from manufacturing industry for its potential to enhance productivity and efficiency. This paper identifies the…


China‐U.S. Trade Negotiations

James A. Brunner, Thomas W. Sharkey

This study analyzes Chinese‐American negotiations by examining the predispositions of negotiations from both countries. Specifically, a mail questionnaire was sent to experienced…


Education of the Financial Planner

M. Athar Murtuza, William Brunsen

This paper discusses the importance of close collaboration between practitioners and academics to address common concerns of the profession. Although there are a few institutions…


Commercial Lending Officer and Small Business Client Relationships

Jack H. Rubens, Sally C. Barton

This article presents the results of an April 1986 mail survey of small business firms in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, concerning the relationship with their commercial bank lending…

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