Journal of Centrum Cathedra: Volume 8 Issue 2 , Open Access


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Assessment of the Proposed India-China Free Trade Agreement: A General Equilibrium Approach

Rahul Arora, Sarbjit Singh, Somesh K. Mathur

The present study is an attempt to evaluate the impact of the proposed India-China free trade agreement (FTA) in goods trade on both countries under a static general…

The Effects of Regulations on the Performance of Banks: Evidence from the Turkish Banking Industry

Süleyman Kale, Mehmet Hasan Eken, Hüseyin Selimler

To investigate the effects of regulations, macroeconomic changes, and political events on the efficiency of the Turkish banks during the period 1997-2013, when crucial…

Analysis of the European Government Bonds and Debt after the European Financial Crisis

Hassen Chtourou

The objective of this paper is to determine the effects of the European debt crisis on the European government bonds.

Development Growth Models for Singapore and Malaysia: A Geweke Causality Analysis

Tan Khee Giap, Nguyen Le Phuong Anh, Ye Ye Denise

Nearly five decades after undergoing a structural transformation and navigating several external shocks, both Singapore and Malaysia are now grappling with some crucial…



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2015 – 2017