Journal of Centrum Cathedra: Volume 10 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents - Special Issue: Business Performance Management under Uncertain Environments

Guest Editors: Rajiv D. Banker, Vincent Charles

The impact of CEOs’ accounting backgrounds on earnings management and conservatism

Nan Hu, Rong Huang, Xu Li, Ling Liu

Existing literature in experimental accounting research suggests that accounting professionals and people with accounting backgrounds tend to have a lower level of moral…


Antecedents of patient health outcomes in dialysis clinics: a national study

Chenzhang Bao, Indranil Bardhan

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the determinants of health outcomes of dialysis patients, while specifically focusing on the role of dialysis process measures and…

Impact of audit quality on the components of executive cash compensation

Guy D. Fernando, Alex Thevaranjan

This paper aims to study the impact of audit quality on the components of executive cash compensation. It is predicted that as audit quality improves, greater emphasis…




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2015 – 2017