International Journal of Accounting & Information Management: Volume 29 Issue 2


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Risk reporting in financial crises: a tale of two countries

Kaouthar Lajili, Michael Dobler, Daniel Zéghal, Mitchell John Bryan

This paper aims to investigate the attributes and information content of risk reporting in two different institutional and regulatory, namely, Canadian and German…

The adoption of e-learning beyond MOOCs for higher education

Chunhui Liu

This paper aims to explore factors influencing university students’ intent to take formal lectures completely through e-learning with cloud meetings.

The influence of country of origin and espoused national culture on whistleblowing behavior

Richard G. Brody, Gaurav Gupta, Michael Turner

The purpose of this paper is to examine factors motivating an individual to report a whistleblowing scenario to various stakeholders within a company. This paper examines…

Board diversity: female director participation and corporate innovation

Alireza Vafaei, Darren Henry, Kamran Ahmed, Mohammad Alipour

This study aims to examine the impact of board female participation on Australian firms’ innovation.


Corporate social responsibility reporting: meeting stakeholders expectations or efficient allocation of resources?

Afzalur Rashid

This study aims to examine whether corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting adds any value to the firm.

Can we predict the likelihood of financial distress in companies from their corporate governance and borrowing?

Sara Sofia Gomes Mariano, Javad Izadi, Maurice Pratt

The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of corporate governance structures on the likelihood of financial distress in UK listed companies. The paper…


Dividend policies of travel and leisure firms in the UK

Erhan Kilincarslan, Sercan Demiralay

This study aims to examine cash dividend practices of travel and leisure (T&L) companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

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