Journal of Islamic Marketing: Volume 9 Issue 1


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The perceived role of Islamic medical care practice in hospital: the medical doctor’s perspective

Muhammad Khalilur Rahman, Suhaiza Zailani, Ghazali Musa

This study aims to investigate the perceived role of the Islamic medical care practice of Muslim doctors in Malaysian Muslim-friendly private hospitals.

Influencing consumer boycott: between sympathy and pragmatic

Suraiya Ishak, Kartini Khalid, Nidzam Sulaiman

This paper aims to examine consumers’ responses to products that are influenced by their moral justification. Specifically, this paper examines the factors related to consumers’…


Australia’s cognitive, affective and conative destination image: an Emirati tourist perspective

Noela Michael, Reynold James, Ian Michael

The purpose of this study is to understand the destination image perceptions about Australia – a Western culture country – as held by the rapidly increasing, high spending…


Halal risk mitigation in the Australian–Indonesian red meat supply chain

Ujang Maman, Akhmad Mahbubi, Ferry Jie

This study aims to identify halal risk events, halal risk agents, measure halal risk level and formulate the halal risk control model (mitigation) in all stages in the beef supply…


Institutional forces on Australian halal meat supply chain (AHMSC) operations

Mohd Hafiz Zulfakar, Caroline Chan, Ferry Jie

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of institutional forces in shaping the operations of halal meat supply chain in Australia, one of the world’s largest…


Online traceability for halal product information: perceptions of Muslim consumers in Indonesia

Djoko Sigit Sayogo

This paper aims to provide a preliminary understanding of factors that contribute to consumer perceptions of value and usefulness regarding online traceability for product…


Islamic symbols in food packaging and purchase intention of Muslim consumers

Mohsen Akbari, Mohammad Hasan Gholizadeh, Masoomeh Zomorrodi

Purchase intention of consumers depends on their perception of the extent to which his expectations will be met through the product. This issue, in the context of the products…


The impact of internal and external market orientation on the performance of non-conventional Islamic financial institutions

Mostaque Ahmed Zebal

The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of internal and external market orientations on monetary and non-monetary performances of non-conventional Islamic financial…

Toward advancing debates on Islamic marketing: a renewed perspective

Norlia Ahmad

The purpose of this paper is to offer a renewed perspective on the intersections of Islam and marketing.

Determinants of halal purchasing intentions: evidences from UK

Reham I. Elseidi

This study aims to explore the perceptions of Arabian Muslim consumers about halal food products and to investigate their behaviour towards halal-labelled food products in UK…


Non-Muslims’ acceptance of imported products with halal logo: A case study of Malaysia and Japan

Yukichika Kawata, Sheila Nu Nu Htay, Ahmed Syed Salman

This study aims to examine whether citizens of non-Muslim countries accept products with a “halal” logo. In the era of globalization, one of the most crucial issues for Muslim…


Islamic human resource management (iHRM) enhancing organizational justice and employees’ commitment: Case of a Qard al-Hasan bank in Iran

Farzad Fesharaki, Saied Sehhat

This paper aims to introduce and promote the novel concept of Islamic human resource management (iHRM) and assess its effects upon two organizational attitudes, namely, perceived…

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