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Tapping into the emerging Muslim-friendly medical tourism market: evidence from Malaysia

Muhammad Khalilur Rahman, Suhaiza Zailani, Ghazali Musa

Emerging interest in medical tourism products offers a lucrative market and opens doors for Malaysia in positioning itself as a Muslim-preferred halal medical care center point…


Impact of Islamic religiosity on materialistic values in Turkey

Burcu Ilter, Gul Bayraktaroglu, Ilayda Ipek

The purpose of this study is to test Islamic religiosity scale’s reliability and validity and to evaluate the impact of Islamic religiosity on materialism in Turkey.


The “Halalification” of tourism

Faiza Khan, Michelle Callanan

The purpose of this paper is to address the confusing use of terminology associated with tourism undertaken by Muslims and to identify key concerns associated with this type of…


The Trojan horse of affluence and halal in the Arabian Gulf

Noha M. El-Bassiouny

The purpose of this paper is to take the case of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a starting point for the analysis of the blend between the notions of halal and luxury in the…

The impact of customer service quality on customer satisfaction in Islamic banking

Mohamed Abdulnaser Janahi, Muneer Mohamed Saeed Al Mubarak

The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the Islamic banking literature by examining the impact of different factors of customer service quality on customer satisfaction.


Motivations and benefits of halal food safety certification

Mohamed Syazwan Ab Talib

This paper aims to review the motivation and benefits of implementing halal food safety certification (HFSC) from the upstream perspectives. Food safety certification (FSC) has…


Investigating the consumer behavior for halal endorsed products: Case of an emerging Muslim market

Mubbsher Munawar Khan, Humaira Asad, Irsa Mehboob

This study aims to investigate the determinants of consumer behavior for buying halal endorsed products in an emerging Muslim market, Pakistan. The study is based on the…


Halal holidays: exploring expectations of Muslim-friendly holidays

Fiona Wingett, Sarah Turnbull

The purpose of this study is to explore the expectations of Muslim tourists when taking a halal holiday. Understanding consumer expectations is an important factor in any service…


Offensive advertising: a religion based Indian study

Mohd Tariq, Mohd Afaq Khan

Among various factors which help in shaping the attitude of consumers, religion and religiosity too play a vital role. This paper aims to inquire into the impact of religion and…

Perceived ihsan, Islamic egalitarianism and Islamic religiosity towards charitable giving of cash waqf

Hamid Rizal, Hanudin Amin

The purpose of this study is to develop a conceptual model explicating Muslims intention towards charitable giving of cash waqf. Drawing from altruism theoretical paradigm, the…


Halal violation episode: does severity and trust recovery impact negative consumption behavior?

Nor Asiah Omar, Zuraidah Zainol, Chan Kuan Thye, Nordiana Ahmad Nordin, Muhamad Azrin Nazri

Managing trust recovery in case of violation of halal products should be seen in light of the severity of violation as perceived by the consumer. This study aims to investigate…

Moderating effect of support service quality on marketing IS sophistication and bank’s core competencies

Mohamed Salih Yousif Ali

The purpose of the study is to examine the moderating effects of support service quality (SSQ) on marketing information services sophistication (MISS) and bank’s core competencies…

The effectiveness and outcomes of the Muslim-friendly medical tourism supply chain

Muhammad Khalilur Rahman, Suhaiza Zailani

This paper is specifically developed on the basis of a pragmatic model for the Muslim-friendly medical tourism supply chain industry. The purpose of this study is to investigate…

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